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Extrusion press


Name : Extrusion Press ABE-2500 (short stroke)

Main technical parameter:

  • Working pressure (Mpa): 28
  • Piston dia.(mm): Φ1020
  • Specification of main and auxiliary cylinder dia.(mm): Φ220/Φ160
  • Specification of used billet dia.(inch):9”x1000mm
  • Central height of press(mm):1425
  • Dia. Of discharge gate(mm):Φ310 x380mm
  • Total power(KW):745
  • Advantage:
      Dead cycle time is shorten, increasing production efficiency. Billet pusher uses servo motor control system, making whole billet delivery faster, more accuracy and reliable. Container heating adopting bullet type heating element, heating efficiency is better, and heating time is shorter. Square type butt knock design, increasing cutting accuracy, also more convenient for butt knock components assembly and shear maintenance. Pre-stressed cover frame structure, makes elastic deformation substantially reduced. Lengths of the rod and main cylinder shorten, makes press main frame structure increase in accuracy and stability. The press requested hydraulic oil reducing, makes production cost more lower and more environmental.