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Protection film tape sticking machine

Name:Tape sticking machine

Name:Film sticking machine for aluminium profile

Name:Plastic film sticking rollers

Name: Partial view of profile packing machine

This film sticking machine has been designed and developed specifically for profile manufactures. With rational structure, it is not only easy to handle but also cause less noise during operation. It's used to apply a protective film on the surface of aluminium profiles.
Technical Parameters:
1). Motor power: 1.5kw
2). Feeding speed of plastic film: 0-280m/min with adjustable control
3). Max size of your product to be sticked: W200mm×H150mm
4). Sticking place: all 4 sizes of your aluminium profiles, above, below, right and left.
5). Sticking roller: Φ100×250mm
6). Machine overall size: 1840*760*1520mm
7). Production line size: 5000 (front frame)+1840 (main machine)+5000mm (back frame)
8). Electronic brand: Schneider