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Cutting machine finished product sawing mahcine
1.The cut is smooth
2.Operation is safe and user-friendly
3.Work fast

Name: automatic saw

Name: hydraulic finished saw (adjustable cutting degree 0-45 )

Name: lifting hydraulic finished saw

Name: rugular hydraulic finished saw

Name: head of finished saw

Name: manual saw

Name: single hydraulic finished saw

Name: slotter(with more than one blade)

The hydraulic finished product sawing machine is a kind of equipment for the aluminum section material manufacturer and for the aluminum section material enterprise, It is a kind of cutting machine for the aluminum section material finished product to be cut in the needed length, It is professional to develop the quality of the cutting section. Of the finished product aluminum section material and to develop the class of the section material .The hydraulic finished product sawing machine, which is designed by the technology essence of the similar products from home and abroad that the imported heat-and speed resistance bearing and imported alloy saw blade for saw cutting is used, is the necessary equipment for manufacturing high-class aluminum section material. And the hydraulic non-electrode governor is designed in the front and rear saw blade for cutting so that the saw blade can go ahead horizontally to cut with conveninet pedal control to form a set of perfect and safe device for cutting the section materials And the efficiency and the craft of the aluminum section material products are heighened further. Therefore it is applicable for the enterprises to manufacture the section material with large, middle or small specification. The hydraulic finished product sawing machine manufactured by our factory features advanced technology, reasonable structure, delicate craft ,beautiful profile, good using effect. low energy consumption and silent working. So it is the ideal novel equipment for the aluminum section material.
Cutting stoke:400mm
Cutting height:135mm
Diameter(saw bit):355mm
Imported alloy bit:405mm
Control way: hyd non-electrode
Mixed control: feed treat control
Pressed way(material):by gas
Optional: manual
Cutting speed(saw):3200r/min
Voltage(primary circuit):415v
Voltage(control circuit):240v