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Aging furnace (aging oven)

Name: Single door ageing furnace

Name: Single door type aluminum profile aging furnace(stove length:7.5meters, 15meters, 30meters)

Name: Double door ageing furnace

Name: Double door type aluminum profile aging furnace(stove length: 7.5meters 15meters, 30meters)

The aging furnace is a kind of equipment for the aluminum section material manufacture and for the aluminum section material enterprise. The purpose to develop the mechanical feature of the aluminum section material by aging the processed aluminum section material, The series of the aluminum section material aging furnace have a broad variety, including the oil fuel, the coal fuel, the electricity heat, gas fuel and so on,(The direction is for the SY-SL aging furnace) At the same time, our company can manufacture the products according to the requirement of the buyer to meet the need of different buyers.
Design: single or double door
Working temp: 190~210℃ Production capacity:6~12case
Fuel: diesel oil ,natural gas
Consume:28-48KG/h(diesel oil)
Difference in temp:±&5℃
Furnace-wall temperature ≤40℃
The above parameters are in common use standard design according to client demand.
This equipment is mainly used to the final hardening treatment to finished products, which is applicable to various aluminum sections. It can be divided into single-door, double-door,skip manual and maneuvering types in terms of its structure, and fuel oil, fuel gas as well as electric heating types in terms of heating mode, it is mainly used to the aging procedures for aluminum setions at the maximum temperature of 260℃. Moreover, it is also application to drying and sintering procedures at the same temperature.
Remark:production capacity can be determined as per customers' requirements.