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Packing machine

Name: distance-adjustable film packing machine 001

Name: distance-adjustable film packing machine 002

Name: distance-adjustable film packing machine 003

Name: distance-adjustable film packing machine 004

Name: aluminum profile wrapping machine

Name: aluminum profile packing machine

The machine can be used to pack the following profiles: extrusion aluminum profile, plastic-extrusion profile, plastic-steel profile, stainless steel profile and other materials which need surface-protecting treatment
1)Wrapping motor: Y100L-6-1.5kw
2)Feeding motor: JWB-0.37x-600
3)Power supply: 3-phase 380V AC 50HZ
4)Turbine reducer: WP46.5 I=1:10 m=3
5)Wrapping disc rotating speed: 97/149 r/min
6)Center distance between two straps: 27~210mm
7)Wrapping paper width: <200mm
8)Wrapping paper outer diameter: <Φ250mm
9)Profile feeding speed: 4090~20450mm/min
10)Outer dimensions: 1580mm×1100mm×1270mm
11)Weight: 472kg

This equipment is applicable to the sticking and packing of protective film applied to the surface of stainless steel, plastic-clad steel and aluminum alloy sections.
It adopts the high quality gear case transmission which is free of any noise and stable in operation. The flexible dolly bar can effectively adjust the film space, and perform the accurate orientation.
The exquisite device for quick replacement and clamping can replace sections of different cross sections in short possible time.