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Die heating furnace

Name: die heating furnace

Name:simple box die furnace

Name:Box type die heater

Name:Box type die heater

Name:Charging skip die furnace

Name:Integrated die heating furnace

Name: die heater

Name:die heater

Name:Underground die heating furnace


Different type of the heaters match with different quantity and size of the die.
(1)Open up by pneumatic and motorised
(2)Horizontal movement by manual or pneumatic
(1)Adopt stainless steel as chamber of the heater to make the life of the heater longer and safer.
(2)Good airproof capacity advance the speed of heating,further, saving energy.
die heating furnace is a kind of necessary aluminum extrusion production facility for aluminum manufacturers & enterprises. It is used for equably heating the die which is about to be used for the purpose of changing its mechanical characteristic. The SY-CR series of die heating furnaces are novel and energy-saving. Besides it is convenient to use and maintain. Meanwhile according to different customers, requirements, certain furnace can be manufactured to meet their demands. (The directions are applicable for blower cycle and natural cycle furnace.)
Heating Source: Electricity
Working temperature: 650℃
energy-saving trolley type die heating furnace 1set
Related Power:24KW
Chamber size:700x500x550mm
Capacity per box: 6~8set
Overall dimension: 1300x1300x2170mm
Oven Size: 1030x800x600mm
Temperature Control: Full Automatic
1.This equipment adopts the advanced multi-box design in accommodation with the development of aluminum market。
2.It has put an end to the inconvenient categorized heating by the original mono box heating furnace, and has eliminated such defects as non-uniform heating.
3.It can perform the categorized beating as per the actual requirements for production arrangement as well as models of dies.
4.It can also perform as per the production schedule, the successive heating for the purpose of improving the production efficiency, reducing the production cost and ensuring the service life of the dies.
5.This machine is flexible in design, which is available for reasonable configuration as per customers’ requirements.