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shape adjustment machine(correction machine)

Name: Three groups aluminum profile shape
correction machine

Name: Five groups aluminum profile shape
correction machine

Name: Elevated conveyor

Name: Five groups aluminum profile shape
correction machine

The machine can be used to aluminum profile integrating of the surface and angle .The machine has characteristic with the operate convenience; good effect. etc.It is the more perfect machine for the aluminum profile assistant product.
a)Overall dimension: 2000mm x 1100mm x1450mm
b) Max Profile Correction Size : 300X200mm
c) Axial adjusting scope: 190~360mm
d) Feeding speed: 0~50m/min
e) Working roller diameter: φ65mm
f) Roller working length: 360mm
g) Speed adjustment type: 3KW frequency converter adjustable
h) Driven: By Chain.
Operating Principle
Choose proper wheel according to requirement of the aluminum profile, roller are drived by the chain-driven as well as adjustment of operating angle and pressure, suitable feed direction and speed(note: be sure the correcting process is done before oxidating).
Operating procedure
a) Install the wheel, make the up-and-low roller wheel be head-on and be on a line of longitudinal direction.
b) Adjust the space between the up-and-low roller, set distance according to the thickness.
c) Adjust the space and direction of the auxiliary striker roller on side according to the profile width and wheel direction. Also adjust the press roller height following as the profile height, be sure that the aluminum profile is on proper direction during the feeding process.
d) Press test: turn on the machine, turn down the speed of speed regulation motor, ajust the upper roller angle and pressure to technical requirement following as the profile shape.
e) Ajust the feeding speed to best result following as thickness and hardness of the aluminum profile.
This equipment is mainly used to straighten and shape the bent and deformed stainless steel, plastic-clad steel and aluminum alloy sections. It has such features as simple structure, easy operation and high efficiency, which adopts the electromagnetic speed regulation.
1.It adopts the high quality gear case transmission which is free of any noise and stable in operation.
2.The flexible dolly bar can effectively adjust the film space, and perform the accurate orientation.
3.The exquisite device for quick replacement and clamping can replace sections of different cross sections in short possible time.
4.This machine is easy to operate.