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Recycling furnace  

Name:burner of regenerative furnace

Name:Casting table

Name:round shaped aluminum melting furnace

Name: oll heated aluminum melting furnace

Name: 150T aluminum melting furnace and maintaining oven block

Name: coal buming aluminum melting furnace

Name: lidded aluminum melting furnace

Name: aluminum bar casting die

Name: melting furnace with stoping furnace door

Name: regenerative aluminum melting furnace

Name: regenerative roll-over oven

Name:13T lidded aluminum melting furnace

melting aluminum and aluminum alloy
Main technical parameters


General type

Regenerative type

Furnace shape

Rectangular or round

Temperature accuracy


Max. loading capacity

Capacity ±10%

Highest working temperature


Fuel type

Coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, fuel oil, diesel oil

Temperature controlling method

PLC auto control

Discharge method

Hand discharge or auto pouring discharge

Burner number


Body pressure


Unit consumption

Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas 100~130m3/t
Fuel oil, diesel oil 85kg/t

Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas 80~85m3/t
Fuel oil, diesel oil 45~65kg/t